Oz Kendama Instagram Open


Oz Insta Open

Welcome to the Oz Insta Open page! We are excited to bring you an online comp for Australian and New Zealand residents. Check out the info below and if you have any questions, please contact Luke at luluandthegnome@gmail.com


Tons of prizes!! 

Over $1000 worth of prizes and vouchers to be won!

PLUS giveaways on the day!!


Sunday 17th May

Registration: All Players are required to register before Firday 15th of May and will be given a time to compete prior to the event. Please use the form below to register.

Divisions: There are 3 divisions, Beginner, Intermediate and Open. Note, you can only enter one division. 

Event Stucture: 

The event will consist of both consistency and speed challenges, with the Open division having an additional top 4 playoff!

Once you register for the event you will be given a time to meet (over instagram) with one of the Judges who will watch as you complete the set tricks from your chosen divisions trick list.

You will perform each trick 5 times, with each successful attempt awarded 1 point. Max 25 points.

You will then perform a speed ladder of the same tricks, meaning you will be timed how long it takes you to perform all tricks, in order, once through.

Each person will get a score out of 25 possible points and a speed ladder time. 

This will be your final score and determines your overall position.

This will also apply to the Open division, however the top four finishers will then playoff in a head to head game, 1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd. The judge will randomly draw tricks from the open playoff trick list. Taking turns, the first player to lace the trick gets 1 point. First to 4 points wins! Winners will progress to the final. Losers will play off for third and fourth.


Trick Lists

Beginner Trick List

1. Around Japan

2. Airplane

3. Swing spike, earth turn

4. Big cup, ken flip, big cup

5. Moshikame x 10


Intermediate Trick List

1. Bird over the valley

2. One turn lighthouse, trade spike

3. Lunar, lunar flip, flip in

4. Juggle big cup, spike

5. Around USA


Open Trick List

1. Juggle spike

2. Around bird, one turn spike

3. Inward lunar, inward lunar flip, in

4. One turn lighthouse, trade downspike

5. Stilt over the valley


 Open Playoff Trick List

  • One turn tap juggle spike
  • Airplane, 1.5 juggle spike
  • Airplane, 1.5 juggle 1.5 in
  • Ghost lunar, stunt plane fast hands 
  • 1 turn airplane, 1.5 swap spike 
  • Bird flip to nightingale, nightingale flip back to bird 1 turn spike 
  • Double whirlwind 
  • Pull up gunslinger, late whirlwind, spike
  • 2 turn airplane, double j-stick
  • Double gunslinger spike, double whirlslinger
  • Lunar, lunar flip, 180 rover, inward lunar flip, in
  • Stuntplane, stuntplane flip
  • Kenflip Europe (KWC 2016 Level 7-3)
  • Whirlwind late kenflip
  • Triple lighthouse flip, in
  • C-whip, airplane in


 Basic Rules

- No string adjusts! You cant use your other hand to move the string or make any adjustments.

- If you thumb or hand a trick, that is a miss.

- Show respect to your opponent, keep yourself and your dama still while its their turn.

- Use kentegrity at all times. 



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How to enter:

1. Select your division

2. Fill out the registration form below

3. Please include your name, contact details and division you are entering. Also, please provide your Instagram name. Eg. @luluandthegnome