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Melbourne, Australia 

 Burning and playing since March 2019.


Got in to Kendama

 I was playing this phone game a lot, Wood Block Puzzle. I'd been recently diagnosed with Parkinson's and I just was looking into doing whatever I could do get free dopamine, trying to push these flow states. The game was kinda good for tuning out, and getting a kick, but I thought, if I can find something physical maybe it can help with the Parkinson's. Also I wanted something that maybe my son would dig later on. I remembered seeing kendama years ago - maybe in a yoyo video? I looked  them up and there was this incredible range of kendamas from all over the world, all these colours and designs and people just going nuts with them. I hadn't seen anything like that before and knew I wanted to try.



 I'm super basic with tricks myself, but my favourite thing to watch is probably balance tricks and any kind of tech tricks. Balance is one of the things I struggle with, and kendama has helped me bring balance back into my life, and chase it, even when it's so elusive for me personally. In the community, I'm most known for my artwork, so if that counts as a trick I guess freestyle burning damas with fast and flowy scribbles is my thing.


Favourite Dama 

I love the Pop. It's so much dama for it's price point, and seeing them totally jammed to bits is so, so beautiful to me. I haven't been able to accomplish it myself yet, but it's one of my life goals. There's this incredible Japanese aesthetic, Wabi Sabi, which celebrates the passing of time, the empathy in the imperfection caused by this passing of time, the scars of the ephemeral; like knowing that everything you are and love will not be here for ever, and the bittersweet beauty of that realisation, especially in the context of nature. When I see people who've spent so much time on love slaying their Pop so hard, that's the kind of beautiful I mean. Like Autumn leaves, or nature reclaiming a city in ruins.
I spent a lot of money buying, burning and giving away kendamas at all different price levels and I just keep coming back to the Pop. When we first started getting lots of kendamas, I asked my son which one he wanted, and he chose a baby blue Pop from this big order. Since then, I've tried to hook him a freshie, but he keeps going back to the Pop. Kids are wise like that, my boy got it way before I did.


Last word 

Kendama has given me a great deal, and I feel incredibly grateful to everyone who has checked out my work, read my words, or spent any of their time interacting with stuff I've put out there, including you. Thanks so much for reading this.