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The KROM Deluxe walnut & rubberwood series consists of several breathtaking color combinations. These are definitely all made from high-end hardwoods for excellent performance and durability. The heaviest wood in the core is very well matched with the rubber wood and the pair work perfectly together. The new hand polishing and oil treatment techniques give these kendamas a great feeling, even though you are not the best player in the world, your kendama will be the center of attention in space.

  • Hole in the cane: optimized for cleaner rotation
  • Hole in the jacket: perfect for a border balance
  • Thinner buckets: Better interference
  • Flat discs on scoops: better durability
  • Optimized center of gravity: Great for balance tricks
  • More durable color: lasts longer

Material: Walnut & Rubber Wood
Size: 18 cm (standard)