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Sunshine Coast, Australia

Playing since July 2018

 Owner of Lulu and the Gnome


Got in to Dama

My son Elijah, found one in an op-shop. It had been pretty loved and was honed for a glossy old school style dama. We had no idea what it was and it was such a challenge! I knew we had to add them to our range of skill toys. Never did I realise it would find such a place in our hearts! 


I love stall tricks and the fine touch and grace it takes to land them.  It’s such a zen tool, a way to switch off and find your flow, similar to Qi Gong and other martial arts.


Favourite Dama

 The KROM X BEAMS O.K. BLUE for so many reasons! Lunar honed, looks amazing and embodies the philosophy of Japanese proverb, Nanakorobi yaoki. Meaning seven times down, eight times up. 

Last Word

Kendama is something that begins as a challenge but develops into a way of life. A tool for spiritual, emotional and physical growth and transformation and a way of connecting with others! 

Enjoy 🙏